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Our 2012-2013 Season


 You're a Good Man Charlie Browngoodmancharliebrow

Musical, by Clark Gesner
Directed by Rod Savickis

 July 27 - August 12, 2012

Presented by Special Arrangement with Tams-Witmark
This beloved musical, which debuted in 1967 and enjoyed a Broadway revival in 1999 with additional songs, follows an average day, or rather a day made of little moments from throughout the life of Charlie Brown, from Valentine’s Day to the baseball season, from wild optimism to utter despair, from bright uncertain morning to hopeful starlit evening, shared with the lives of his friends both human and canine. Charles Schulz’s comics transported weary adults back to the simple innocent days of their youth, and Surfside proudly brought his creation to our stage in the summer.

 * * *

 The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940murders of 1940

 Farce, by John Bishop
Directed by Janet Rubin

September 14 - September 30, 2012

Presented by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service
The creative team responsible for a recent Broadway flop (in which three chorus girls were murdered by the mysterious "Stage Door Slasher") assembles for a backer's audition of their new show at the Westchester estate of a wealthy "angel." The house is replete with sliding panels, secret passageways and a German maid who is apparently four different people. When the infamous "Slasher" makes his reappearance and strikes again, bodies start to drop in plain sight, knives spring out of nowhere, masked figures drag their victims behind swiveling bookcases, and accusing fingers point in all directions. The mystery is solved in the nick of time, but not before the audience has been treated to a sidesplitting good time and a generous serving of the author's biting, satiric and refreshingly irreverent wit.

 * * * 

 La Cage Aux FollesLa-Cage-aux-Folles

 Musical, Music and Lyrics by Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman
Directed by Jennifer Wolf

November 2 - November 18, 2012.   

Presented by Special Arrangement with Samuel French
La Cage Aux Folles
remains one of the all time biggest hits, adding new dimension to the boulevard comedy. After twenty years of un-wedded bliss Georges and Albin, two men partnered for better-or-worse get a bit of both when Georges' son (fathered during a one-night fling) announces his impending marriage to the daughter of a bigoted, right-wing politician. Further complicating the situation is the 'family business': Albin and Georges run a transvestite nightclub in St. Tropez, where Albin is the "star" performer 'Zaza'. Georges reluctantly agrees to masquerade as "normal" when he meets the family of the bride-to-be. But Albin has other plans, with hilarious results. 

 * * * 

 Same Time, Next Yearsametime next year

Comedy-Drama, by Bernard Slade
Directed by Janet Rubin

January 11 - January 27, 2013 .

Presented by Special Arrangement with Samuel French
One of the most popular romantic comedies of the century, also adapted into a 1978 film starring Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda. The plot follows a love affair between two people, Doris and George, married to others, who rendezvous once a year. Twenty-five years of manners and morals are hilariously and touchingly played out by the lovers, who discuss the births, deaths, marital problems, and social changes affecting their lives, and develop an emotional intimacy deeper than what one would expect to find between two people meeting for a clandestine relationship just once a year.

  * * * 

 Breaking Up is Hard to Do   breaking up is hard to do

A Tribute to the Music of Neil Sedaka
Written by Erik Jackson & Ben H. Winters 
Directed by Nick Henn

February 8 - February 24, 2013.

Presented by Special Arrangement with Theatrical Rights Worldwide
This is a sweetly comic story about blossoming romances at a Catskills resort in 1960, with characters including recently jilted bride-to-be Marge and her friend Lois, self-obsessed singer Del Delmonaco, geekish cabana boy and aspiring songwriter Gabe, Borscht Belt comic Harvey, and resort owner Esther. This touching romantic musical was built around 18 songs from the repertoire of 1960s pop singer Neil Sedaka, including “Where the Boys Are,” “Calendar Girl,” “Sweet Sixteen,” “Love Will Keep Us Together,” and his signature hit “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.”

  * * *

Love, Sex and the IRS lovesex and the irs

Comedy-Farce, by William Van Zandt & Jane Milmore
Directed by Troy Jones

March 8 - March 24, 2013.

Presented by Special Arrangement with Samuel French
Tax season is upon us, and if you’re looking for ways to score a refund, here’s an example of what NOT to do. Jon Trachtman and Leslie Arthur are out of work musicians who room together in New York City. To save money, Jon has been filing tax returns listing the pair as a married. The day of reckoning comes when the Internal Revenue Service informs the "couple" they're going to be investigated by a Mr. Spinner. Leslie masquerades as a housewife, aided by Jon's fiancee, Kate. Complicating matters further Leslie and Kate are having an affair behind Jon's back, Jon's mother drops in unexpectedly to meet her son's fiancee, and Leslie's ex-girlfriend shows up demanding to know why Leslie has changed and won't see her anymore. 

 * * *

'Night, Mother  nightmother 

Surfside's 'Second Stage' production of the Drama by Marsha Norman
Directed by Joan Dunn

April 19 - April 28, 2013. 

Presented by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service
The scene is the living room/kitchen of a small house on an isolated country road, which is shared by Jessie and her mother. Jessie's father is dead; her loveless marriage ended in divorce; her absent son is a petty thief; her last job didn't work out and, in general, her life is stale and unprofitable. As the play begins Jessie asks for her father's service revolver and calmly announces that she intends to kill herself. At first her mother refuses to take her seriously, but as Jessie sets about tidying the house and making lists of things to be looked after, her sense of desperate helplessness begins to build...


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