Audition Information

Our season schedule contains the audition and performance dates for our six mainstage shows.  We will post more details at least two weeks in advance of each audition.

Unless otherwise specified on the audition page, auditions are as follows:

  • Auditions are on a Sunday and Monday at 7:00pm.  The doors will open at 6:30.
  • Auditioners only need to attend one day but may attend both.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  No prior experience or resume is required.
  • When you arrive, please fill out an audition form including contact information, prior experience (if any), expected rehearsal conflicts, and desired roles.
  • A prepared piece is not required. 
  • After the two nights of auditions, callbacks will usually not be necessary.
  • Every auditioner will be notified by phone of their result, before the full cast list is announced publicly.
  • Surfside does not precast roles... ever.

Auditions will consist of:

Musicals & Non-Musicals          

Cold readings from the script

Musicals Only                          

Each auditioneer will be taught a 30 second selection of music from the show

Each auditioneer will be taught a15 second dance / staged movement routine

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Dates & Character Lists

Trouble in Tumbleweed

By Tim Kelly
Auditions June 10 & 11
Rehearsals Begin June 18 (Some conflicts ok)
Performances July 27 – Aug 5
Get set for a wild romp suggested by one of the greatest farces ever written. This cockeyed version takes us to Arizona Territory in the 1880s and the dusty town of Tumbleweed. The pompous Mayor Oates has been hired by a Boston businessman to build a town that one day will be the Territory’s capital. To fill the local positions — sheriff, schoolmarm, doctor — he hires his incompetent relatives (kickbacks included, of course!). The news that a Pinkerton detective is coming from Boston to inspect the town’s development throws the whole family into a panic. Since they’ve been pocketing the businessman’s money, the town hall is nothing but a hole in the ground and the schoolhouse has no roof. A Medicine Show huckster, Professor Burns, is stranded in town because his dancing bear has tangoed away. The relatives assume the professor is the detective and he is only too happy to take advantage of their mistake. Together with the glamorous cardsharp, Lily de Lilac, he has the relatives tripping over one another in hysterical attempts to bribe him. Just when you think the dust is settling, who should turn up but the real detective. The hilarious twists and turns in the plot will have you holding onto your hat (and your sides)!
                                CAST OF CHARACTERS
LAWYER MAXWELL                        seedy attorney
MIRANDA OATES                            mayor's wife, a culture vulture
GERT                                                stagecoach driver hired help
ELECTRA LILY DE LILAC                gambling lady                   
PROFESSOR TOM BURNS             Medicine Show huckster down on his luck
JULIE OATES                                   charming creature, in low with Luther
MAYOR OATES                                pompous charlatan
SHERIFF PLUNKETT                        local law, small-time chicken rancher
ALMIRA SESSIONS                          postmaster, likes to read people's mail
DOC SNIPES                                    actually a horse doctor
GILROY CAVENDER                        undertaker
HARRY DOBBS                                engineer, can look busy if he has to
VICTORIA DOBBS                            Harry's wife
OPAL CRABTREE                            schoolmarm, school has no roof
MRS. BAYWATER                            stage passenger
LUTHER                                            manly young prospector
OTTILLIE DOBBS                              young teenager, clumsy
ANTOINETTE                                    her equally clumsy sister
WIDDER HASKINS                           struggling merchant
                     Other Roles, Cameos and Oleo acts

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