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Summer Events!

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 Summer Events!

Diverse entertainment at it’s finest! Something for everyone!

Kids Summer Camp ~ June 20 - July 1

The Three Sopranos ~ July 19thImprov Comedy ~ July 16thComedy Melodrama ~ July 22 - 24

Children's Theater Summer Camp



July 1st   7:00 PM

July 2nd  2:00 & 7:00 PM

Directed by Ms. Eva Knowles

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$10 at the Door


The Three Sopranos  July 9th, 8:00 PM

Three of Brevard's most talented Sopranos join together once again to take you on a musical journey that you will not soon forget. Beth Green, Sherry MacLean and Tee Rockwell will romance the audience with Broadway tunes, ballads, and light arias here at the playhouse on July 9th.

“Beth Green, Sherry Maclean and Tee Rockwell are a sheer delight.” … Aaron Collins, Artistic Director, Space Coast Symphony.

Don’t miss this moving and powerful musical event.

The theater’s intimate setting and excellent acoustics make Surfside’s beach theatre the perfect location to experience the joy that is...The Three Sopranos.

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$20 per person

Life's A Beach!          July 16th, 8:00 PM 


This is Improv Comedy at it’s best! Join this experienced group of improv artist as you call the shots and make them twist and turn in every sketch.


$7 at the door 


No No a Million Times No    July 22nd through 24th

Fri & Sat  8:00 PM

    Sunday   2:00 PM 

Melo            A Comic Explosion!

   Inspired by Monty Python, Carol Burnett and Vaudeville Clowning,

    No No a Million Times No will drive you into spasms of laughter!


Boo, Hiss and Cheer as our unforgettable villain preys upon our virginal heroine.

Will our hero Noble Heart, be able to save her? Only one way to find out.


Will you join us for a night of merriment, laughter and song!


Yes Yes A Million Times Yes!

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$15 per person